Oil and Gas

Environmental Site Assessments

Enviromarc has experienced environmental consultants to effectively complete site assessments.

    Erosion Control

    Enviromarc has certified Erosion and Sediment Control Practitioner (ESCP) with knowledge of:
    • Site assessment methodology for erosion and sediment control.
    • Vegetation preservation and management.
    • Assessing soil texture.
    • Slope gradient measurement.
    • Drainage controls.
    • Rolled erosion control products including erosion control blankets and turf reinforcement mats.
    • Organic and inorganic mulches including hydraulically applied mulches.
    • Organic fiber rolls.
    • Seeding and seed mixtures.
    • Soil amendments.
    • Check dams.
    • Other soil cover and revegetation options.
    • Slope drains.
    • Effective practices to control wind erosion.
    • Sediment fencing.
    • Sediment retention berms.
    • Sediment retention ponds.
    • Riprap design and installation.

    Spill Response

    From the initial clean up, to removal and sampling of soils and groundwater, Enviromarc ensures that spills are dealt with timely and cost effective manner. Our services include regulatory reporting, remediation services, and environmental monitoring and inspections.

    Typical spill responses for Enviromarc have included facility releases, equipment roll over, tank overflows, leaking drums, and pipeline breaks. Enviromarc can help you stay in compliance with regulatory agencies and help minimize environmental impact resulting in less remediation afterwards.

    Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

    In some cases regulation requires that groundwater wells be installed and monitored to ensure no contamination is occurring off site.  Enviromarc can create a Groundwater Monitoring Program to fit your needs.  Monitoring can include weekly, monthly, or yearly based on requirements of our clients.

    Enviromarc works with our clients to determine the most suitable locations on site to install monitor wells, as well as what type of casing to install. During a Phase II ESA groundwater monitoring wells are installed to ensure that contamination hasnít affected groundwater.  If readings are over regulation guidelines, groundwater monitoring will continue at set intervals over a period of time.

    Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling


    Approvals and Code of Practice Monitoring

    Many industries have codes of practices set out by the government that need to be followed in order to be operational.  Many of these codes require regular monitoring in which Enviromarc specializes in.  Industries such as oil and gas, concrete / asphalt plants, landfills, sawmills and exploration activities generally require air sampling to ensure that dust levels inside the plant are below health and safety guidelines.

    Enviromarc can also collect particulate matter from emissions outside of the plant to ensure that pollution levels stay low.  Enviromarc can also create a monitoring program to meet your industries code requirements whether it is soil sampling or ground / surface water monitoring. Enviromarc offers competitive services while providing exceptional quality.

    Exploration Operations

    • Enviromarc can conduct required sampling and help client apply for a reclamation certificate within 3 full growing seasons following the anticipated completion date of exploration.

    • (Section 5 in Code of Practice for Exploration Operations, EPEA, September 2005)


    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Federal / Provincial

    Environmental impact assessment is a process to predict the environmental effects of proposed initiatives before they are carried out.


    An environmental assessment:

    • identifies possible environmental effects
    • proposes measures to mitigate adverse effects
    • predicts whether there will be significant adverse environmental effects, even after the mitigation is implemented 

    Asbestos Abatement

    If you are considering renovating your current home or office, consider asbestos testing first. Enviromarc is trained to safely and effectively remove or encapsulate materials should it be confirmed that they contain asbestos.

    Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals that was widely used to insulate buildings, piping and structures between from the 1950ís to mid 1970ís due to its non-combustibility and flame-retardant properties. Asbestos was also used as a reinforcing or binding agent in plastic, piping, cement and other construction materials due to its strength and flexibility.

    Asbestos is a problem when disturbed in a friable (breaks easily) form, becomes airborne, and is inhaled.  Asbestos fibres are nearly impossible to see and can cause all sorts of health concerns, with the most serious being cancer. Enviromarc offers competitive pricing and is flexible to work around clients needs.


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    Environmental Compliance Audit

    Compliance audit helps ensure that facilities and other regulated activities meet the requirements of their approval, registrations, licenses, or the requirement of the legislation.

    Inspectors can review and inspect all aspects of any approved or registered facility's operations, or the aspects of a regulated activity under an approval, a license, or the legislation. The review and inspection can include taking samples of soil, groundwater, effluent an air emissions. The inspection focuses on identifying and correcting areas of non-compliance. Non-compliance can be the subject of enforcement action.  

    Air Quality